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Give me my ED 1 class!!
I don't get it, we have soooo many students paying frikn $ to come to Cal, why can't they just open more classes?! I LOVE Environmental Design 1 [allow me to actually CREATE stuff for grades, and REQUIRES me to sketch 24/7] and even if I am on a double digit number on the wait-list, I HAVE TO TAKE THAT CLASS! Frikn telebears, give me ED 1 or Art 8!! Arrg! I know I am being unreasonable, but seeing those asians already enrolled and buying their art supplies at the store just fires up jealousy inside me. Yes, I am aware that I am being racist against my own race, but I am just stating how I feel, don't really care if they make any logical sense!

more if u dare...face my anger?
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Not enough TIME!
today, i have to rant....please let me be selfish today..

btw, i am going to taiwan on the 19th of july!!! [and i am still ranting, sigh, what an ungrateful person~haha]

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Gah, life sucks and I am ranting again...

arg, but everyone's been so nice to me....T___T I wish nothing had happened. With my heart dead, what do i do? busy myself with work again?

God...why? this is too heavy for me...
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Bottles of emotions
Two bottles today, one for love and one for friendship. They may be poisoness, so please try at your own risk...
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Done with AP Exams
Yaya, finally done with those things~ Well, i think I did okay on those, so I hope I can at least skip one class? > 3 < Well, lately, I have been kept on a short leash by mom, mainly because she's been working late and my brother's been getting bad grades. (I mean really 10%) Hence...urm, naturally, I am put in charge with running the house. Though, I would like to say, "I am 18! i have been holding back my teenage party life!" Things still have to be done...well, if I look at it from the other side, I guess it isn't that bad. I get to experience reality a little earlier, like I always have. [may be that's why I got in such good schools...they made a mistake...]

Yet again, I get tired with looking at things so optimistically. But if I just get depressed all day, then what's the point of living? Haha, just gotta make the most of it. That's just who I am , and will always be. lazy, optimistic, and a day dreamer....which is why I live off mangas! Hahaha...anyhow, gotta go study for econ, or risk getting a C in an easy class.... しょんぼり困惑
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Love is not for me...
This is another amazingly stupid rant that I just have to let out...hence, plz excuse me. :}
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HEy...I have been realllly lazy these days and I have been having AREALLY BAD time managment issues....sigh..I am hopeless.
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My first RANT! [second try]
[:ふぅ〜ん:]Yes it is my second try. I accidentally pressed some button, and my broswer went to a different page. Sadly, the browser does not save, hence the [back] button does not save my life. Lately, I began to notice again how much trouble is in my family. Usually, I just throw this kind of stuff behind my mind, way down into the id, watch it flow with all what-ever-it-is down in that deep lake. Eventually, I will forget about it and move one. That what everyoine does, and that how I can get this far in my life feeling happy and satisfied. i don't like feeling sorry for myself, it's unecessary. I have enough to eat,I should be satisfied. Yet, today I feel like give the real purpose for a blog a try...モゴモゴ拍手豚
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