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"You may be feeling the consequences of your overly ambitious promises made with the best of intentions. It doesn't pay to worry about where you may fall short of expectations; it's more important now to replenish your creative juices and do what feels good for the soul. The more important issues won't go away; they'll be there when you return to them with renewed vitality."
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Forced to update...
For some interesting reason, Jugem started facilitating how much their users update, and I got an "did not update for 60days warning." Hence, this is what I have been doing for the 60 days...

First off, let's start off with work. Everyday, I work from 9-12 at a family doctor's clinic as a desk clerk. I check patients charts, organize files, call insurance companies, make appointments, organize blood samples, urine sample, and the like. Then I take the bus to my second job, usually from 1.30-6, which is the Children's Center fo the Stanford Community. It is basically a preschool for the Stanford community on its campus. This job i really enjoy, though it can be quite tiresome, yet it is the one that offers the most surprises. :)
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フック オフ!!
Konbanwa!! Right is 12:47 pm! I was suppose to do my physics homework, but that is already down the drain, I guess I will just have to fight harder tomorrow for today's mishaps..

Today I got really excited that I learn how to say f*ck off!! in katakana, hence I made a tribute to it in my sketch book.
フック オフ

Since I am currently obsessed with Miyavi, my characters tend to follow his style. [Lately, I really admire his style and take on life, so full of passion.. (-///[]///-)
Another thing that i want to share today is DDR for your fingers!! Or Flash Flash Revolution, i am beginning to get addicted to it. My awesome roommate sent me the link, so I hereby pass it unto you. Please enjoy wisely~
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Green Tea, Instant Noodle, (beef flavor) & Pop Chips
Unhealthy Lunch
My studio desk is mess and so is my model~

Today's lunch menu is green tea, instant noodles (beef flavor), & pop chips.

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Something Wonderful
I have also realized something wonderful. I love sitting at certain favorite spots on campus, and just stare. Stare at ppl, the trees, the sky, the squirrels, the buildings...leave my mind blank or running on its own, free of anything. It's a great feeling, free myself from my hectic life and clean out everything. I want to find an awesome favorite spot, and just sit there during breaks, listening to music and stare.

Things are coming together, and I hope they are for you too. Don't ever hesitate to talk to me, or just want someone to listen to you. I am a healer remember, haha, but I am afraid my concerns are getting worse. Sometimes, I feel I am too nosy and should mind my own business.
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Writing with wii!
MUHAHAHA, I amwriting this with my awesome wii!! yes, be jealous...ok, this is taking too long >_<
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Summer's Here
Tonight I had red bean shaved ice for dessert! We bought a ice shaver over the weekend~ and the result was delicious! This really reminds me of summers in Taiwan....ahh, with the ice shaver, I will not fear you, summer heat! The urge to fall in love also reminds me of summer and Stand Up! Well, now that I have borrowed the series from Derek, I can actually finish it! Ok, short entry today, cuz I just remembered I have econ. notes.....sigh~

- "everyone wants to fall for love over the summer vacation...and have some fun." - Stand Up!
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TaDaa!ぴかぴか I found another funny shojo manga to read. Also, many thanks to CIndy for that hilarious manga~ I feel bad for him... haha
Anyhow here's the cover for vol. 1. I also enjoyed Sensei! by the same author. Thanks to Mayumi~ I miss you...ポロリ泣き顔
Koukou Debut

You can find it on or boku-tachi [translator site] It is mainly about a high school girl, who is clue-less about love, setting her goal to find a boyfriend. Then she met this handsome boy, after many efforts, [as always] who is willing to coach her to be attractive. however there is one catch, [as always赤い旗] she must not fall in love with him.!! Can the girl find a boyfriend and resist the boy's charm?! Hahaha reading shojo always make me lovely-dovelyラブI want a hot boyfriend too.抱擁 這要怪誰啊...(who's to blame?..) But I still like shonen better...楽しい GO DGM!!
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