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Hi all, cyberspace friends! Well, I am writing up a really quick update, since I still have to write my pre-lab and finish piles upon piles of work.

Lately, due to my architecture class (aka: archi-torture by a friend of mine.) i have not been able to sleep at all. My sleeping schedule goes something like this: the nights before MWF i get around 0~3 hours of sleep. On other days I try to regain my rest, so somewhere between 5~10 hrs of sleep. My record was 17hrs of sleep once. This then explains why i am dead on facebook. When I have time, I go to the library and sleep instead of being on the internet.

Then there was my 19th bday! I am very happy that ppl left warm greetings on my wall, however i have not the chance to thank them yet! :< it's been almost a month now. So, what i did for my bday is, well what can there be other than trying to finish a project in studio? (frikkn 6ft by 3ft tree in charcoal, the dumbest and most unrelated-to-architecture thing ever) that pretty much ruined the whole day, but it's ok, with everyone's help, i felt a lot better. My good buddies also treated me to a great thai restaurant! I also got an awesome relax-before-sleep kit from bath & bodyworks.

Currently, I am terribly busy with my final project, which is to design a memorial for the beat movement in San Fran. It was fun visiting the site and looking for picture books in the library, now I just have to further develop my design. The model and poster will be due in less thank a week, and my final for Japanese (which i will most definitely fail...due to the inability to wake up eveyrday at 8am with only two hrs of sleep) is next week, then school will be out! Well, except my physics final about a week later, but instruction will end! Which means I get to go home and study for physics! Being able to actually focus on physics really makes me happy. It's sad, but i really would like to do well in that class.

This weekend I will be watching The Little Prince by SF opera! XD Then the weeked of the 18th, I will go to Miyavi's concert! My life is packed full of stuff. May be when I have time after end of instructions, (may 12th) I will scan some of my sketch book pages. I sketch and write everything and anything in there, so it's a pretty accurate representation of my life...haha except for the lack of sleep... ok, so much for a sort update, pre-lab here i come~
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