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Forced to update...
For some interesting reason, Jugem started facilitating how much their users update, and I got an "did not update for 60days warning." Hence, this is what I have been doing for the 60 days...

First off, let's start off with work. Everyday, I work from 9-12 at a family doctor's clinic as a desk clerk. I check patients charts, organize files, call insurance companies, make appointments, organize blood samples, urine sample, and the like. Then I take the bus to my second job, usually from 1.30-6, which is the Children's Center fo the Stanford Community. It is basically a preschool for the Stanford community on its campus. This job i really enjoy, though it can be quite tiresome, yet it is the one that offers the most surprises. :)
I often get questions like how old I am, or if i have a husband. When I tell them that I don't have a husband (I am still single! husband? that would be extremely fast) and I still live with my mom,they thought I was ridiculous. "You don't have a mommy, you are an adult!" A kid even asked me once if I used to have a husband, and if I have kids.(do I really look that old?) I told them, not yet, but may be later, and they would always nod appreciatively, seeming eager to give me advices about kids.

Though the classic question I ever experienced was about my gender. It is interesting that the kids are confused because I have short hair, but I don't blame them, since i don't ever wear skirts, or anything pink, or even act too much like a girl~ haha

Another incident was when I tried to join a fairy game with a group of girls, I was promptly asked to leave since I am an adult. Then I "promptly" informed them that I am not an adult and asked them to guess my age. Their first guess was 13, my reply: much older. Their next guess, 46, my reply: much less! Then I decided to give them a tip, the number that is one smaller then 20. Answer: 21. We all had to count from 1 to 19. When it was all done, I was again refused with the excuse of "no 19-yr old children is allowed!" :) Can't trick kids these days~

more about my trips with friends from Taiwan next post~
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