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Viva La VIDA
Just decided to write after sneaking a peek at my friend's blog. This week probably has the most happenings than all of the summer days combined. I really enjoyed taking my friends, Willie, Paul, Lawrence, Chris, and Perry, around. It has been a great pleasure and lots of fun. XD I love hanging out with them, fooling around and be carefree, pressure-free. [I shall elaborate on our travels later, if I ever pull myself from the laziness that is engulfing me.]

After yesterday's goodbye and farewell, I bid my friends a wonderful trip to further journey into the unknown. It saddens me to say goodbye and turn to face my daily routine of working again. Yet, I doubt their influences will ware off anytime soon. It often brings me smiles when I think about good memories. Thus I think I can still make through three more weeks of work, till my next adventure.

I know it sounds like that I complain a lot about work. I have realized that working is nothing compared to college. Cal is much better. <3 For me work is just repeatedly doing menial things, requiring no thinking. I am aware that my jobs are a lot better than most, and pays very well, yet I guess anything that repeats for too long, just gets one down. [and one is never satisfied, fufu]I am just waiting for the pay check, and hopefully saving money...though I have used them to pay all my bills! D: How am I going to make it to Holland? >__<

I will continue to dream and work hard. Though I may become too tough for my own good, but I know it is a path I must take. May be, if I am lucky, I will meet you. You, who will understand, and take good care of me. So I don't have to be strong all the time. :) Still searching......for me and you.
Lord, help me find this "you" soon, or is she or he or they already beside me?

Long Live Life

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"aoi sora ukabu kumo shiroku sakimichita omoide no hana
sugisarishi ikuta no kagayakeru mutsumajiki katarau hibi
hoho nadeyuku yawaraka na kaze ni yasashisa kanji tori ni tou
itsumademo tsudzuite yuku kono michi wa eien no ai"
--"Everlasting Love", We Love Katamari OST

never possible to be strong all the time...but most of the time, is ok.

Love Always,
Timm[ie] Wong

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