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Hey, Did You Know What Else Costco Sells?
Today, around 12 a.m., while brushing my teeth, my toilet started screaming --literally.
At first I thought either I was possessed or the toilet. (since I have been watching 1408, couldn't finish by myself tho..) Then I later noticed that some rubber cap at the valve was broken, hence producing the ear racking noise. After some smart logic thinking from Mom, we were able to shut off the water to the toilet tank. Apparently, turning left is open and right is close, not lefty-loosy righty-tighty. I also discovered Mom used to study the mechanics of toilets back in the old days when she loved physics, not yet architecture. Toilets were, and still are, fascinating mechanics~

Then I was helping Mom look for the opening hours for the Costco's tire shop, which took me a full minute or two to find the right link. I am determined that they do this to draw their customers' eyes to the colorful "sales ads" not "location" links. Needless to say, I was one of the victims, a peculiar one at that. I was drawn to the link that said--"funeral".

Hey, I didn't know Costco sell coffins, urns, and God knows what. It also educated me that a decent coffin cost around 1,000-3,000, and that is just the coffin, let alone the funeral service. (when I die, just bury or cremate me for Chris's sake, please don't spend $ on the dead but the living.) Let's hope those coffins are "hand made", or "hand crafted" instead of "made in China."

Everyday, you learn a something new to spice up life.
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you know, I stopped checking here for a few weeks i think. Not that you ended up posting much anyways, but I stopped checking because of the music player! sorry, but now the way I do it is I click a button and 25 different tabs open up in firefox to different websites. And I wanted to include yours, but then there's music playing, yaddayadda, it disrupts...

so yes, I am no longer coming here everyday...just whenever i remember.

hope your toilet is okay~ You know what that reminds me of? The time i had the bunch of fun activities in my yearbook, and one of them was "bathroom bonanza" where I had everybody draw bathroom-related pictures. You drew a toilet~...

Love Always,
Timm[ie] Wong

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