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Youtube Findings
Argh this my second time of typing this frikkn entry..Any how my findings on youtube, or more like research on Miyavi and Nightmare as of recent. I really like what Nightmare and Miyavi is doing lately! I am beginning to like their songs a lot. Before, i didn't really like Miyavi's voice, but now with his acoustic guitar, everything matches perfectly. Nightmare is not as visual k anymore. <3

Miyavi's My Dear Friend--funny pv~

Miyavi's Selfish Love. I love his acoustic guitar playing...[drools]

Nightmare's Nazuki-->this is a hilarious PV!! Their dance reminds me of Laruku's Killing Me. I also love how their glasses sparkle~

Cute PV of Dasei Boogie by Nightmare.

I think I want to get a couple of Miyavi's albums.
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Urm, I actually don't have much to say today, even though I did many things and had lots of fun. Yet, I just don't really want to write them down, I suppose it's caused by the immense amount of homework waiting for me...

Looking back at my entries I seemed so care-free, and urm, retarded. Definitely, seemed that nothing is going to bring my world down. My world even seemed so fake and plastic. Yet, I really did feel very happy and content, I suppose it is because now i don't feel the same as I did before, hence labeling my previous character as fake. After reading friends' blog entries, I feel mine are rather...boring and not very intelligent, even too exaggerated. I am unsure why I have arrived at this point of view; I only know I am not very content. However, I am quite sure tomorrow when I read this entry it won't satisfy me either. I am not even sure what the heck I am rambling about...

[uh, if I were you, i wouldn't read this stupid entry. It's just rambling about things i don't even know...I need a break]
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Hahaha, yeah I think I am at the decomposing stage of college life right now, just too tired of all the things bombarding me to death. However, in this sense, I am already dead, in fact dead a long time ago~ Well, let's just section out the fun things I did for the past month or so.

First thing first, I went to the Bear Hunt and nearly killed myself walking for 12 hrs. ( I am not very fit--at all.) The Bear Hunt is a giant scale scavanger hunt contest [put together bby the cal-housing-progrmas] that embodies the whole city of San Fran. I signed up for it with my floormates, and named our team, McLovin~ There were about a hundred (?) or so clues, and are sectioned off to different parts of San Fran. At first I thought our team did pretty well, though we weren't able to go to one part of the city, we pretty much got the majority of the other clues.

THEN *drum roll plz* last night, I was informed that we won the contest! So each memeber of the team gets a full package of gift certificates, concert tickets, and museum tickets! XD I am very happy that my labor paid off.

SECOND: I went to MAROON 5's concert this tues.!! It was simply AMAZING. I love them!! Also, just being at a live concert was amazing! The Phantom Planet and the HIVES [yes, from Sweden] were frikn' awesome too~ Adam can sing extremely well [I also find him strangely sexier live ;}], and the drummer, pianist, guitarist, and bass guitarists were also amazing. It all seem like a dream that was too good to be true. I will definitely go to their concerts for the next album~ arm is tired [and rotting away!] I will type be continued...
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Tears of Joy
I am filled with tears of joy, cuz ppl actually visit my blog when I never update!! Thank you so much! ;} And no, the tears of joy are not from my college life. It is too drastically different from my ideal life, so no joy that extreme. Let's just say, college life is fun, but hella hard. So who ever it is that's visiting, I owe you many thanks! It's okay if you don't want to leave me any comments, but just in case you do, and is wondering why they never show up, it is because you have to add an Asian character in your post somewhere. Yes, I know it is a pain, [you can paste and copy characters if u don't know how to type one.] but I like Asian blogs. [yeah, call me whatever you want~ but it is better!]

So I have been busy, and that's about it. well, actually I did a lot of exploring and weird things, but right now I should go to sleep. I have to wake up early tomorrow, and I didn't do ANY HW yet. [11:51 pm] I think I am even more of a slacker at berkeley! I can feel ppl ready to kill me, so until next time! [midterm next week...]ショックモゴモゴぶー汗唖然
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" I will take you back to the start..."
My my, I havn't been writing much lately...huh? the title? Fufu, I am listening to "The Scientist" by coldplay and needed a title. I didn't want to put anything like "my life" or "I am not dead" cuz I used those too much. Hum, I don't want to write too much, because I have to wake up early tomorrow, read before I go to sleep, call ppl before I go to sleep...which is also why I haven't been updating as I should. Well, right now, life is getting together quite nicely, still slow, but that's just the speed I like. I am still looking at the old memories swimming in my head, scenes and noises from my old life that I so reluctantly see them slowly go away. I love my new life, but also misses the old one terribly. Well, actually, it hasn't been bothering me as much lately. I think I just don't want to think about things too much, there are already too much to cop with in college, thinking just hurts now. I think I prefer staring and day-dreaming better~

Lastly, thanks to my awesome new friend, Ani, Good Will Hunting is an incredible movie. If you miss me, please do this for me, watch the movie.
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Something Wonderful
I have also realized something wonderful. I love sitting at certain favorite spots on campus, and just stare. Stare at ppl, the trees, the sky, the squirrels, the buildings...leave my mind blank or running on its own, free of anything. It's a great feeling, free myself from my hectic life and clean out everything. I want to find an awesome favorite spot, and just sit there during breaks, listening to music and stare.

Things are coming together, and I hope they are for you too. Don't ever hesitate to talk to me, or just want someone to listen to you. I am a healer remember, haha, but I am afraid my concerns are getting worse. Sometimes, I feel I am too nosy and should mind my own business.
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I went to a Christian Fellowship Thursday night. It was really nice, and I didn't feel pressured to do certain things, like I usually feel in such groups. :} I am happy that I joined, though I am Catholic, but I don't think that really matters. There, we did bunch of tests that tell us about our identity. Turned out that I am a healer, and there are only 1% of the population with that characteristic. Appropriate jobs would be artists, teachers, scientists, and psychologist...[it's not a rant today, just helps me sort out my thoughts]...
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My Life = cosx
For those of you that are familiar to trig functions, my life is behaving like cosx. It starts off nice, then something triggers it to go down, then up again, repeat. Then periodically there are the hor tans, [horizontal tangents] where nothing happens for an instant before everything goes crazy again.

However, my life for the past week have been pretty steady. I think i am finally getting used to life as a college student. @ times I still pressured to behave a certain way to be like a typical "college student." For those of you that knows me well, I hate pressures and always try my best to avoid being not myself. Yet, I can feel my niche surfacing and I am definitely finding myself on this HUGE campus.

I am going home tomorrow, getting a ride from a new friend I made today. I have noticed that people will most likely be gone by that time, hence I hope everyone will have a safe journey. I also wish everyone is getting used to college life right now. It definitely can be hard [not saying everyone will find it hard, @ least I did] but it just takes time. I can't wait till Thanksgiving to see how everyone have changed and cope with their new life.

Okayyy, have to go now, since the computer center is closing. I am only down here to print out an english paper~ Alright, until next time, when I am free from my projects and essays, good bye!!
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A Peek @ My Life During My 3rd Week of Cal
ARRRRRG!! AHHHHH!! yes, that should conclude to what my life is like right now. Sorry for not updating, I am just trying in vain to finish my mass amounts of homework...they pile up like trash.

On a good note, from wait-list number 33, I got in the environmental design class! Yes, nothing is impossible, "impossible = i-m-possible." However, the amounts of project for that class is enough to send me to a mental institute.

Hope everyone is enjoying their life. For those already @ college, good luck! Let's work together~ For those not yet there, please do not let me scare you. However, you will encounter my fear sooner or later..muhahaha, but definitely enjoy your days of freedom and please, have fun @ college. [don't be like me~] For those still in high school, you do not know the haven you are in... (=__=)|||
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I am from another planet! I am an alien!
here's is my proof: says I'm a Mega-Dorky Non-Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!

Hahaha, I am officially Mega-dorky Non-nerd! Whatever that indicates, but I tink that sounds like me, i think. haha~ be jealous?
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